My Story

Prynce J-Alert also known as JPrynce is a 20 year old Rapper born in Detroit Michigan but raised in Chicago IL. He is known for his catchy hooks and hype verses that will get you moving around the dance floor all night with his hood flow and hood lyrics & the ability to make it into a multi cultural song there's no way you can't feel his energy on and off the stage. 
He did alot of traveling back and forth from Detroit and Chicago for the first 12 years of his life. Being like every other kid he was outside playing in the streets, so he seen a lot of what was going on the blocks he lived on. He puts it in his songs along with his loved ones that passed away to give you his perspective on his life.
Now he lives in Topeka Ks Working in the studio mastering his craft,Then Working on his Album he's Bringing a different sound to the City hoping to encourage others to grabing a michophone and making music there self
In the future He Plans to be signing talented artist thats on the come up to his TKRecords Label, and help them in perfecting there craft and creating an empire. He also plans to be acting in movies and hitting the big screen